Understanding the future mobile market

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There is little doubt that the mobile industry is facing large changes and that we here at Strand Consult were among the first to identify these changes back in 2002 when we published our report  ”The Moment of Truth – A portrait of the Discount MVNO / Mobile Operators’ success”. Today everyone knows that we were the first in the world to write about the discount / no frill MVNOs and how they were influencing the mobile market.

Back in 2002, Strand Consult realised that the expectations that the operators, handset manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, media companies etc. had for the future mobile market were not matching the reality of the direction the mobile market was moving in.

We collected together a team of our best people with the purpose of developing a series of tools and strategic reports containing information that our many customers in the mobile industry could draw upon in order to make the correct strategic decisions in a turbulent mobile market. Our goal was to reduce both the time and the costs that the industry needed to spend to achieve success in this tough and competitive market.

We have spent 10 man years researching and writing the three unique strategic reports in our mobile trilogy that we are now marketing with the title Understanding the future mobile market – a trilogy that shows how to achieve success in the short, medium and long-term”.

The trilogy consists of the following reports:

Mega Trends in the mobile industry  – a question of life or death: If you look back at the GSM market and how it has developed historically, the industry has not changed much in many areas since the first operators emerged. The focus has been on attracting and maintaining the number of customers required to run a profitable business.

The tools have been a wide distribution of cheap subsidised telephones, combined with falling prices, which has changed the mobile telephone from being a luxury product reserved for just a few people, to becoming a product available to a large part of the world’s population.

Bad times and crises were something unheard of before the years 2000 to 2002, where a number of countries chose to auction their 3G licenses.

Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market
The report is a strategic report that contains the knowledge that builds a bridge between the first two reports “How to achieve success in the 3. generation VAS market – The platform & Delivery perspective” and “Mega-trends in the mobile market – a question of life and death” that we have already published and sold to over 70 operators around the world.

The purpose of the report “Successful Strategies for the future Mobile Value Added Services market” is to create a tool that you players on the services market can use to navigate a market that in our opinion will experience a paradigm shift. We believe that the market for mobile services faces enormous changes that will influence all the market players – operators, technology providers and all the people making a living from marketing and selling mobile services to endusers.

How to get success – in the 3. Generation Value Added Service Market, The Platform & Delivery perspective
The market for mobile services started with primitive information services delivered via SMS. With the introduction of Nokia’s smart messaging, a market for ring tones was created that was stimulated by premium SMS’s that worked across operators – with the introduction of one short code that worked across all operators, a whole new industry was created with a revenue in Western Europe of over 2 billion Euro in 2004.

We believe the market for mobile services will continue to develop positively, but that the introduction of new technologies and more advanced mobile phones combined with the fact that many operators are under financial pressure, will lead to a paradigm shift on the mobile services market:

With these three reports you will have access to over 1200 pages of research, case studies and strategic tools that one of the industry’s strongest teams has spent 10 man years compiling. With this combination of knowledge, tools and information about what the best in the business are doing, you can quickly achieve a competitive advantage that will easily justify your investment in “Understanding the future mobile market – a trilogy that shows how to achieve success in the short, medium and long-term”.

Strand Consult is not competing with other companies that try to create reports about the mobile industry – our strategic reports are much too comprehensive for that. We are competing with those consulting companies that believe that a team of 10-15 consultants in 2-3 months can help an operator draw up a roadmap into the future. Unlike the consulting companies, we do not offer consulting for operators but only deliver reports and combine them with workshops. We know that a combination of our reports and one or two workshops will give an operator a much clearer picture of the future mobile market than even the largest consulting companies can give that operator in 2 to 3 months.

Decide for yourself. Order more information about the unique collection of strategic reports “Understanding the future mobile market – a trilogy that shows how to achieve success in the short, medium and long-term”. We will be happy to guarantee that you will recuperate your investment very quickly.

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