Strategies for the Mobile Operator

This report is a strategic map of the Mobile operators current situation and the strategies which will prevail in the future.

The purpose of this report ”Strategies for the Mobile Operator” is to create a tool which players on the mobile market can use to understand the mobile operators reality and help them to navigate on this market, which is facing a paradigm shift during the next years.

Mobile Operators are the heart in the mobile value-chain, it is therefore vital for all players who wish to participate in the mobile value-chain, understand the Mobile Operators current situation and strategies. 

The development seen in large parts of the world for the last 5 years, in which the Mobile Operators are moving in the direction of a more open garden strategy will continue. However the Mobile Operators will also target as a key component in their business a number of value added services. These being either network centric or areas the operators believe can affect their churn or acquisition cost positively.

If you would like to get insight into in what way the mobile market is moving, and how this will affect the mobile operators and other players in this market then this report is the right tool: You will read about

  • Mega trends in the mobile industry
    – The threat from MVNO’s
    – Decreasing Profit margins
    – OPEX & CAPEX reductions
    – Increasing marketing cost 
    – Micro segmentation
    – Stock rotation risk
    – The complexity of the value chain and how to adapt
  • What are the 6 future operator scenarios, and what are the consequences.
    -Business as usual
    -The free handset market
    -Back to basics
    -Open Garden
    -The Scale Hunter
    -Lean &Mean
  • The difference in strategies for operators on CDMA and GSM networks
  • The Mobile Operators portal strategies
    -On portal vs. Off portal
    -Portals vs. clients

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