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How to save millions of euro on consultancy services – The story of Strand Consult’s strategic reports

Around the world many companies spend millions of euro on expensive consultants. Some of those consultants even have a limited knowledge about the mobile industry, but know a great deal about processes and how to implement new processes in practice. Being a customer with that type of company can occasionally be an expensive pastime and many companies are left with a feeling of have being visited by a senior consultant and 10 junior consultants that had been working under the motto: “Lend me your watch and I’ll tell you the time”

Many Stand Consult employees have a past as traditional consultants and in previous jobs often classified customers by the number of hours, days, weeks or months of consultancy the customer could afford. The target was to sell 67% of the total available man hours the consultancy firm could produce.

When we founded Strand Consult in 1995, our goal was not to sell people or hours, but to sell knowledge and create value. We realised that if we could use the consultants’ analytical approach, combined with a very high level of industry knowledge and a simple and effective method to communicate knowledge, we would be able to save our customers an enormous amount of expensive consultants. Our goal was not to sell high-end temps to our customers, but to create a knowledge transfer to customers, enabling them to quickly and more efficiently achieve success.

During the past 17 years we have published a great number of reports, where we not only explain how the telco industry looks, but also how it will develop in the future. We have focused on collecting the knowledge you need to more easily navigate a complex industry with increasing competition. The market player that can operate their business in the most cost-effective manner will have an increased probability of winning in the long term.

Currently we have 6 focus areas:
– The mobile broadband market
– The MVNO market
– The market for Value Added Services
– Next Generation Prepaid Services
– The Smartphone market
– Digital strategy for the Telecom and Media industry.

We have spent many man years researching and publishing a series of comprehensive reports and workshops focused on these areas. Market players that have ambitions of being successful within these areas can either try to gain an overview themselves, find solutions and purchase external consultants to help them on their way, or alternatively use Strand Consult’s reports – with or without workshops -to acquire the knowledge they need to be successful in the future.

You can read more about some of our reports here:

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How to get success in the second Generation MVNO Market

Show me the money – The future Business models for mobile Broadband Services

How mobile operators can reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation

OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry

The good, the bad and the ugly side of Facebook – A report that describes how Facebook affects the mobile industry strategically, operationally and financially

Strategic Workshops

Every year we sell many reports to operators from all over the world and to some of the industry’s largest technology providers. Every year we conduct more than 50 workshops at CxO level for operators on all continents. All our reports and workshops have one goal; to help our customers achieve success more quickly – we know how to spell success and the goal of our company is to help our customers be successful. Strand Consult is not interested in pleasing customers, or pleasing partners. We are focused on how to be successful and create shareholder value, so we say things as they are – things that many others have difficulty admitting.

In 2009 we published a report about the iPhone from an operators viewpoint. 10,000 copies of that report have since been distributed and operators around the world have commended the seriousness of the report and that there was finally a report about the iPhone available that was not simply a repeat of all the media hype about the phone. It was not expensive consultants that told operators around the world that the iPhone business case was very different than the stories being published by the media – it was our specialists from Strand Consult.

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