Our team

Around the world many companies spend millions of euro on expensive consultants. Some of those consultants even have a limited or only regional knowledge about the telecom industry, but know a great deal about processes and how to implement new processes in practice. Being a customer with that type of company can occasionally be an expensive pastime and many companies are left with a feeling of have being visited by a senior consultant and 10 junior consultants that had been working under the motto: “Lend me your watch and I’ll tell you the time”

Many Stand Consult employees have a past as traditional consultants and in previous jobs often classified customers by the number of hours, days, weeks or months of consultancy the customer could afford. The target was to sell 67% of the total available man hours the consultancy firm could produce.

When we founded Strand Consult in 1995, our goal was not to sell people or hours, but to sell knowledge and create value. We realised that if we could use senior consultants’ analytical approach, combined with a very high level of industry knowledge and a simple and effective method to communicate knowledge, we would be able to save our customers an enormous amount of expensive consultants. Our goal was not to sell high-end temps to our customers, but to create a knowledge transfer to customers, enabling them to quickly and more efficiently achieve success.

During the past 25 years we have published a great number of reports, where we not only explain how the telcom and internet industry looks, but also how it will develop in the future. We have focused on collecting the knowledge you need to more easily navigate a complex industry with increasing competition. The market player that can operate their business in the most cost-effective manner will have an increased probability of winning in the long term.

John Strand


John Strand founded Strand Consult in 1995. Its first focus was optimizing the sales process and reducing cost for companies in the IT, Telco and Media industry. John had already built successful consulting company providing sales and marketing services for the Telecom, It, Finance and Publishing sectors.

Roslyn Layton

Executive Vice President, Ph.D.

Roslyn Layton leads Strand Consult’s Global Project on Broadband Cost Recovery and Fair Share.

She is also a Visiting Researcher at Aalborg University’s Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI).

Casper Lundgreen

Master of Science in Telecommunications. Senior Analyst

Since 2005, Casper has led many Strand Consult research projects in global mobile telecommunications.

Casper synthesizes complex data sets into Strand Consult reports.

Petrus Potgieter

PhD. Associated Partner

Petrus Potgieter is Associated Partner with Strand Consult.

He is Professor in Decision Sciences, University of South Africa and a researcher at the Institute for Technology and Network Economics.

Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood

PhD. Associated Partner

Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, PhD is a Associated Partner with Strand Consult.

She is telecommunications network engineer and researcher in mobile technology, business models analysis, telecommunications strategy, mobile payments, big data, and data science analysis.

Bronwyn Howell

PhD. Associated Partner

Bronwyn Howell, PhD earned doctoral degrees in economics and public policy, a Master’s degree of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in operations research from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.