How to succeed in the MVNO market

There is a lot of talk in the mobile industry about MVNOs. But having studied and analysed the market for more than 20 years, Strand Consult is among the few that can honestly call themselves experts. Over those years, we have developed one of the world’s largest MVNO competence centre through extensive study of the market since its beginnings.

Currently, the MVNO market is attracting interest from all sorts of players. However, our research shows that there are certain prerequisites for success. The first is a thorough understanding of the market. The second is a strategy that differentiates you in an increasingly complex market with many burgeoning players.

Those prerequisites apply whether you’re an MNO, MVNO, retailer, media organisation or a technology provider. The fact is, succeeding in the MVNO market is exceedingly difficult, and only the most skilful have a chance of surviving.

On this website, you will find a lot of information gleaned from Strand Consult’s more than 20 years of analysing the MVNO market. We’ve already shared a lot of this valuable information with more than 140 mobile operators worldwide, as well as with some the most significant MVNO players.