StrandConsult’s Press Room

For 25 years Strand Consult has worked to create transparency in the telecommunications world. Over the years, we have published a great number of research notes, where we not only explain how the industry looks, but also how it will develop in the future. We have focused on collecting the knowledge you need to more easily navigate a complex industry with increasing competition.

We see media as individuals looking to create individual stories. And we feel an obligation to help providing the background material necessary to ensure the uniqueness of a story.

Our relationship with journalists is based on 7 ground rules:

  1. We are always accessible to journalists specialising or with an interest in the businesses we focus on.
  2. We say things as we see them, and often take the role as ‘The Devils Advocate.’
  3. We do not comment on businesses outside our focus.
  4. We provide access to any information we may have and do not make restrictions on how the press may quote us.
  5. We will provide contact to other sources of information on a subject, and help put our views into perspective.
  6. We do not in any way work to encourage or discourage stories.
  7. We have no relations with PR companies, but tell our stories directly and become more accessible to the media.

If you are looking for inspiration or a critical perspective to complete your story, you can get this directly from our website. You are also welcome to write to our CEO John Strand on Contact us

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