Mega Trends in the mobile industry

An epoch-making report about the future mobile market, how it will look and what will drive it. This report is your tool to navigate a market that in our opinion will go through a paradigm shift – we believe that all the players in the mobile value chain will have to redefine their roles on the market and the way they do business.

If you look back at the GSM market and how it has developed historically, the industry has not changed much in many areas since the first operators emerged. The focus has been on attracting and maintaining the number of customers required to run a profitable business.

The tools have been a wide distribution of cheap subsidised telephones, combined with falling prices, which has changed the mobile telephone from being a luxury product reserved for just a few people, to becoming a product available to a large part of the world’s population.

You should not purchase this unique report if you believe that:

The prices for voice and SMS will stabilise at their current level
A larger selection of mobile handsets will not have a negative effect on churn
Mobile operators in a number of countries can maintain EBITDA margins of +45%
Discount MVNOs will not affect the market
What happened on the Scandinavian mobile market will not spread to the rest of the world
Operators will earn fortunes on purchasing, marketing and selling mobile services 

Bad times and crises were something unheard of before the years 2000 to 2002, where a number of countries chose to auction their 3G licenses. The result of the auctions was that the mobile industry experience their first large recession as the numerous 3G auctions drained the companies’ bank accounts and hollowed out the value of the shareholders money.

The operators problems spread across to the other players in the value chain and what started as individual companies problems, suddenly became a large industry problem – the result is now well-known among everyone in this industry, many players reduced their number of employees with up to 50% – hundreds of thousands of people lost their work and gigantic values were lost.

We believe that the development we have seen on the Scandinavian market over the past four years, where Vodafone and Orange chose to give up and leave the region, will spread across almost all the mature mobile markets that exist today. We believe that a number of the things that have happened on the mature markets will also spread to other smaller and less mature markets.

So if you have experienced some of the things that have happened in Scandinavia and you have reason to believe this will affect your market, then purchase this unique report and read about:

How will operators do business in the future?
How will the handset market develop?
How will distribution strategies change?
How will the VAS market be structured and develop?
What will it take to achieve success in the future?
Who will be the winners and who the losers?
What will characterise a successful mobile player?

Here at Strand Consult we have always focused on spotting the newest trends. We were the first in the business to describe Premium SMS and the business opportunities this would be for the different players in the industry. We were also the first to realise that if you wanted a peek at the future mobile market, you should not look at Japan – but instead South Korea. Our reports about the Korean mobile market are known and quoted all over the world today. Recently we were the first to describe the Discount MVNO market and how it will affect the mobile markets – some have been sceptical, others have listened and used our knowledge to adapt their business and achieve success.

This report is a strategic tool for those that strive for success. With this report we can help our customers navigate a turbulent industry and help them achieve success for both themselves, their customers, their employees and of course their shareholders.

This report is a Strategic tool for those who which to succeed. In this report we aim to help our customers find the right path in a turbulent industry, and aide the to achieve success benefiting, customers, employees and shareholders.

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