Optimising distribution strategies

Focus: This workshop is designed to help mobile operators and terminal producers in their work on formulating distribution strategies in the future mobile market.

The selling process has shifted focus from new to replacement sales. This, in turn, has meant a shift in focus from the volume to the quality of distribution channels. It has also meant an increased focus on cultivating own shops and direct sales – especially on the b2b market.

The shift from new to replacement sales, forces operators and terminal producers to consider how to generate enough customers to offset churn. The challenge is to attract quality customers – those who are high in ARPU and low in churn. Fact is, that in the future mobile market there are only two ways operators can optimise their business: reduce acquisition costs or increase ARPU.

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has 7 years experience of evaluating distribution strategies and distribution channels – both physical and virtual. We have provided strategic advice to operators on how to optimise their business by optimising their distribution strategies. In one case, we helped an operator reduce their acquisition cost by 40%. The workshop is based on this knowledge and these experiences, and our understanding of what distribution channels best suit different products in the mobile market.

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