Workshop for MVNO´s and Service Providers, a-z on Discount Mobile Service Providers

Focus: This workshop is goes through the whole aspect of the discount mobile service providers. Where they came from, their business models, why they could achieve such a huge success in so short a time, their business models – and much more. This workshop is designed for MVNOs, service providers and even new discount mobile service providers, who need in-depth understanding of the market for discount mobile telephony and how to adapt to – and achieve success – on this fast changing market.

Background: The presence of the discount mobile service providers is becoming a reality in more and more European countries. The business model for discount mobile telephony has so far proved to be extremely successful and financially attractive for those MVNOs and service providers that offer this kind of telephony. For the established mobile providers, discount mobile telephony has meant a significant drop in earnings from monthly mobile subscriptions and also a drop in sales of traditional voice telephony and SMS messages.

Challenges: The biggest challenge for new discount mobile service providers is to be able to repeat the success that the first discount mobile service providers were able to achieve. This success is unfortunately not something they can take for granted. The European Mobile Operators are already today preparing for the effect of discount mobile telephony. New discount mobile service providers have to in other words, both understand the reasons for the success of their predecessors, but also be able to take into account – and react quickly to – how the competition is adapting to discount mobile telephony.

Another challenge will be the ability to continue to be innovative in product development – developing new creative services that utilise the power and possibilities of the Internet for new types of services and as a sales and distribution channel. Last but not least, the most successful discount mobile service providers will have to at some stage consider how to best move towards selling their company to a Mobile Operator.

How this workshop can add value: Strand Consult was the first in the world to publish a comprehensive report that analyses the business models for web-based discount mobile telephony. Since then we have been following the market and these new players very closely and we are currently recognised as one of the most knowledgeable consultants regarding all the issues surrounding discount mobile telephony. This knowledge has been gained through the many workshops we already have held across Europe about this subject and we have now published a number of reports on this subject where we have mapped and analysed Mobile Operators, MVNOs and Service Providers and how they have been influenced by – and reacted to – discount mobile telephony.

This workshop is based on real cases, what went well, what strategies are working and what did not work – and why and will be of immense value to MVNOs and service providers as they plan their next steps and strategies to counter the competition, in this exciting and fast paced market where there is still very good money to be made.

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