The road to 3G – how to ensure customer readiness (terminals)

Focus: This workshop is designed to help mobile operators, terminal producers and retailers in their work to ensure that customers are ready to buy and use new and complex mobile terminals.

There is a shift in focus from talk to content based mobile services. SMS and WAP/GPRS based services represent an increasing part of operators’ revenue. For this development to continue, the majority of customers will need new terminals in order to be able to make full user of these revenue-generating services of the future.

In order for customers to demand and use new terminals, operators, terminal producers and retailers must facilitate an understanding amongst users of these new terminals and their possibilities. It is this understanding which is key to making users replace their old terminals.

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has 7 years experience of the market for mobile services and a unique understanding of how different segments use existing mobile services, and what it will take for these segments to replace old terminals for new ones. The workshop is based on this knowledge and these experiences, and our knowledge of how to successfully make users demand new terminals.

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