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Strand Classics – more research notes from the archives put into a new perspective. History can teach us a great deal

Recently we launched Strand Classic to show how old research cases and analyses can be reused to give an improved understanding of some the latest challenges in the mobile industry – challenges that turn out to have a number of similarities with events from the past.

For the past 16 years our core business at Strand Consult has been describing the mobile market and how it is developing. As in many other aspects in life, we have discovered that history also has a habit of repeating itself in the mobile industry and that you can learn a great deal from these historical events.

In this second research note in our Strand Classics series, we have collected a few more stories from the archives and related them to current events. We will let you judge for yourselves whether history is indeed repeating itself and what you can learn from the advice we once gave our customers. The three Strand Classic cases in this research note are all nine years old and were originally published in 2002.

Strand Classic 4:
2001 and 2002 will be remembered as the period where European mobile operators were spending fortunes on purchasing 3G licenses and where there was a great deal of focus on Japan and NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode solutions. Many people believed at the time that you could already see the mobile future by studying the Japanese market. During those years Strand Consult spent the necessary time and energy to thoroughly examine and analyse whether other mobile markets were even more advanced than the Japanese.

During this research we sent a number of our top researchers to Korea to examine the Korean mobile market. The result was a series of mobile reports  that were mentioned in many media including Time Magazine. After publishing our reports, the mobile industry moved its focus away from Japan and over to Korea. After 2002 it was not Japan but Korea that people were talking about when describing the mobile future.

Today it is no secret that people in Asia have long mastered the art of innovation, but what about the rest of the world? Do our present mobile operators understand the world they are doing business in and what their customers need? We believe the answer is no and that basically very little has changed since we published this research note in 2002: . The research note describes that innovative “out of the box” thinking is not something that mobile operators were very good at in 2002.

Strand Classic 5:
Through the years many companies have dreamt of achieving a central position on the mobile phone market. But achieving a strong market position from hardware sales, having a strong brand or reaching ambitious goals is no guarantee for success. In 2002 we published this research note about Palm and Handspring: At the time Handspring was very negative about our conclusions – conclusions that however later proved to be correct.

Today when we re-read that research note, there is no doubt that the many companies that are trying to enter the mobile market, or especially the smartphone market could probably learn a great deal from the challenges that Palm & Handspring then faced – and face today.  

We believe there is a great deal to be learnt about the present and future by examining what happened in the past. There is no doubt that even in the mobile industry, history shows that events have a habit of repeating themselves, enabling you to learn from others past experiences – if you know where to look.

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