How to make money on UMTS-based services

Focus: This workshop is designed to help mobile operators, content providers and WASP’s to optimise their revenue from UMTS-based services.

Mobile operators across the world have spent large sums buying UMTS licences. They will have to spend even more on building networks and acquiring customers. Therefore, it is paramount that operators develop applications that can ensure a return on the total UMTS investments.

At Strand Consult we do not believe the idea of a single ‘Killer Application.’ Operators will need a mix of quality applications and revenue streams to ensure the profitability of the 3G network.

Some operators are already offering WAP-based services and more will follow. In fact, the market for WAP-based services, both for 2.5 and 3G terminals, is likely to boom over the next two year.

The challenge to mobile operators is to develop revenue sharing models that makes it attractive for content providers and media companies to develop and market services for operators different segments, both b2b, b2c, children, teenagers, adults and OAP’s.

The challenge to content providers and media companies is how to successfully make the transition from text-based to multimedia-based content and services, and also how to enter into partnerships with mobile operators. BR>
How this workshop can add value:
Understanding the market for UMTS-based services and the potential of this market, is very much about understanding the nature and patterns of the Premium SMS and WAP market. Strand Consult has been analysing and evaluating the market for Premium services, from when these markets were first created. We understand the possibilities and limitations of these markets and what it will take to make money in the market for UMTS-based services.

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