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The financial impact of key mobile market phases

Strand Consult has identified five key phases in the evolution of the mobile market since the entry of new mobile providers without their own mobile networks. Although the transition from one phase to another is clear in the early phases, the transition between the last phases is less clear cut.

The five phases can usefully be viewed from the perspective of how they have impacted the mobile market financially. The five phases are:

1.      The copy phase – SPs and MVNOs copy MNOs’ business models and strategies with varying success.
2.      The discount phase – No-frills discount providers enter the market.
3.      The consolidation and purchase phase – The culmination of the discount phase.
4.      The segmentation phase – MNOs, SPs and branded resellers launch segmented mobile providers.
5.      The brand and retail phase – New mobile providers with no experience in the mobile market, such as retailers, enter the market.

These five evolution phases have influenced different mobile markets in different ways. However, we can draw many useful lessons by analysing how each phase has affected the players in Europe’s mobile markets financially.
Our new report, How to Succeed in the Second-Generation MVNO Market, does precisely this. Our metrics will help mobile providers of all types to plan their strategies as they pass through each of these phases, whichever stage they are in currently.

How to get success in the second Generation MVNO Market

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