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“Telecom Expert Voices”. Read the next two guest blogs highlighting valuable insight from the telecom community

For 25 years Strand Consult has collected and published knowledge about the telecommunications market. Knowledge is critical for making decisions, and policymakers should focus on getting the best available knowledge and evidence. Strand Consult is known for its ability to spot trends, predict the future, and provide critical commentary to industrial and policy developments.

Strand Consult conducts original research and collects multitude of information from different sources. These inputs are packaged into Strand Consult’s research notes, reports and workshops as well its presentations at conferences and in the media.  Telecom operators around the world purchase Strand Consult’s unique and valuable knowledge so they can navigate an increasingly complex world.

Strand Consult is fortunate to meet and engage many interesting, intelligent people with compelling insight on the telecom industry. Strand Consult would like to amplify these voices through its new blog universe, “Telecom Expert Voices”.

Strand Consult’s goal is to strengthen and broaden the visibility of some the smartest and most intelligent thinkers on telecommunications. These expert commentaries don’t necessarily reflect Strand Consult view but are valuable to support the broader discussion about the telecom industry and its importance to society. In connection with the launch of “Telecom Expert Voices”, the next guest blogs are already posted Strand Consult’s website. Features include:

Open RAN: The Future, not the Present

Open RAN (Radio Access Network) technology is going to be important in the 6G era, from 2028 onwards. But in the meantime, like everything about 5G, it is overhyped. I’m a believer in the long-term potential – but the last 12 months have seen enthusiasm outrun the practical considerations. In particular, Open RAN appears to have gained a following among politicians, making it another cog in the 2020s’ Great Game of geopolitics. Open RAN is a subset of the wider virtualised RAN (vRAN) universe, where network components in the radio can run on ordinary servers, with the potential to reduce costs and improve flexibility/scalability.

Read the full blog article by Dean Bubley

Dean Bubley is the director of Disruptive Analysis, a technology analyst and advisory firm, focused on wireless and telecoms domains, as well as broader futurism. He was previously an equity analyst with Granville Baird, and Chief Analyst at research firm Datamonitor. Mr Bubley is also a prolific keynote speaker and industry commentator, notably via @disruptivedean on Twitter and a well-read LinkedIn newsletter.

Huawei – Nowhere to run – Patents are no panacea

For more than 20 years, I have analyzed the global technology sector and prepared equity sell side research, first for Nomura Securities, and now for my own firm Radio Free Mobile. I have a PhD in physics which allows me to analyze the engineering of technology as well as the finance. My daily newsletter describes technology and business models in a crisp, bulleted, bottom line summary. Over some 30 notes in a series called “Huawei – Nowhere to run”, I detail the outlook for Huawei with patents, export controls, strategy, and so on. Here is my analysis on Huawei and patents and my prediction that things are about to get tougher for Huawei.

Read the full blog article by Richard Windsor

Richard Windsor, PhD runs Radio Free Mobile there is an independent research producer specialising in the digital and mobile ecosystem. RFM produces an in depth research product that helps clients to understand and evaluate the players in the digital ecosystem. This product is available on a subscription basis and is currently sold to a range of some of the largest players in the digital ecosystem. RFM has subscribers in the handset, telecom operator, financial investment, semiconductor and internet industries. During Richard’s 11 years at Nomura Securities, Richard focused on the equity coverage of the Global Technology sector in Equities. During that time, Richard began looking at Handset software and over a period of 5 years became an industry leader in the space. Richard has always strived to maintain an independent and objective view and does not pull any punches when concerns arose about the viability of a company or an idea.

Strand Consult hopes that its audience will enjoy these new voices for their insight, perspective, and inspiration. Moreover, it wants to bring more visibility to these experts through its newsletter which reaches 40,000 people the in global telecom industry.

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