Strand Consult has studied OpenRAN and produced many reports and research notes on the topic. We was the first to identified that there are at least 44 Chinese firms participating in the OpenRAN Alliance. We have nothing against OpenRAN or open source. We want to create the transparency O-RAN Alliance are fighting against, and we share the concerns of EU and the US House Foreign Affairs Committee when it comes to transparency.

In an effort to lift the level of policy discussion, Strand Consult offers a comprehensive review of the public documents promoting deployment of 5G Open Radio Access Networks (OpenRAN). These include the set of industrial, think tank, advocacy, and academic papers and reports as well as official proceedings by regulators and authorities in the United States and European Union

Strand Consult believes that such processes and subsequent reports are important. Telecommunications regulatory and policy authorities can help create transparency that allows actors to navigate a complex world. Moreover they can provide policymakers with objective information for decision making as well as develop scenarios with associated cost benefit  analysis