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Mobile service platforms – an essential add-on to MVNE platforms

The MVNE platforms are a very important part of the future mobile market, as they both make it significantly easier for mobile operators and MVNEs to handle mobile providers without their own network, while simultaneously diminishing the entrance barriers for companies that want to launch as mobile providers.

MVNE platform developers often develop/sell MVNE platforms that only handle the basic functions in a MVNE platform. Often the developers do not include platforms like SMS/MMS gateways, Service Delivery Platforms, Location-based platforms, IM platforms etc. Instead they focus on the basic functionality of the MVNE platform, especially customer billing, collection of consumption data and CRM.

However on the future mobile market, the extra platforms will become a vital part of MNEs or MVNEs product offerings to mobile providers without their own network, as these platforms will not only make it easier to launch as a mobile provider with the mobile operator in question, but will also increase the technological barriers when changing to another mobile operator. If a mobile provider without their own network uses a number of a mobile operator’s platforms, they will have no choice but to use the new mobile operator’s platforms if they choose to switch mobile operator. This can make it extremely inconvenient for the mobile provider’s end-user customers, as the switch to a new mobile operator cannot be implemented without the customers noticing.

In our new report How to get success in the second Generation MVNO Market, these issues and many other challenges are examined and analysed, making the report an excellent and effective tool to help technology providers choose and create optimal business models.

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