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Mobile Operators: Adapting to the Discount MVNOs / Service Providers

Focus: This workshop is designed to help Mobile Operators fully understand the new challenges, threats and also opportunities that the discount mobile service providers have brought to the European mobile markets. The workshop will help the participants to understand how they best can prepare and position themselves for the future mobile market. 

Background: The presence of the discount mobile service providers is becoming a reality in more and more European countries. The business model for discount mobile telephony has so far proved to be extremely successful and financially attractive for those MVNOs and service providers that offer this kind of telephony. For the established mobile providers, discount mobile telephony means a significant drop in earnings from monthly mobile subscriptions and also a drop in sales of traditional voice telephony and SMS messages.

Challenges: For the established Mobile Operators there is a huge challenge in adapting their business to this new market scenario where discount mobile service providers are taking between a quarter and a third of the total market. A successful transition is not possible by making small adjustments here and there, but demands a strong strategy that includes many new initiatives that need to be implemented over time.

The Mobile Operator cannot compete with the discount mobile services providers by trying to ajust the prices of the existing mobile subscriptions. Instead, Mobile Operators need to go back to the drawing board and start thinking in terms of creative product development.

How this workshop can add value: Strand Consult was the first in the world to publish a comprehensive report that analyses the business models for web-based discount mobile telephony. Since then we have been following the market and these new players very closely and we are currently recognised as one of the most knowledgeable consultants regarding all the issues surrounding discount mobile telephony. This knowledge has been gained through the many workshops we already have held across Europe about this subject and we have now published a number of reports on this subject where we have mapped and analysed Mobile Operators, MVNOs and Service Providers and how they have been influenced by – and reacted to – discount mobile telephony. This workshop is based on real cases, what went well, what strategies are working and what did not work – and why. The workshop adds value in helping understanding what is happening and preventing failures and mistakes that have simply already been made by others. The workshop is tailor made to suit your current situation and is usually between 4 – 6 hours.

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