How to Succeed in the Second-Generation MVNO Market

It’s here – our new report about the future MVNO market, How to Succeed in the Second-Generation MVNO Market. It follows on from our previous report about discount MVNOs and their influence on the mobile market.

The report is much more than a market assessment, however. It’s an action plan that shows you how to thrive in a difficult market. It analyses the newest trends and explores, in particular, how best to proceed at a time when most MVNOs are pushing cheap voice minutes and SIMs, copying the now-famous Telmore model.

The report’s target audience is:

  • MNOs – What should MNOs do to enhance their position and become successful with their MVNO strategies?
  • MVNOs – What does it take to become successful? How do you set up a successful MVNO model? How do you ensure a solid business for the future?   
  • MVNEs/MNEs – A lot of players are trying to become successful as MVNE/MNEs, but what does it take to attain success?
  • Retailers – A number of retail chains have entered the MVNO market or are looking to do so. How should they proceed, and what are the challenges they face?
  • Media companies – A lot of media firms are looking to get into the MVNO market. Will they be successful and what are the challenges they face?
  • Infrastructure providers – Infrastructure providers are setting up new business units servicing the MVNO market, but what does it take to be successful?
  • Terminal manufacturers – Terminal manufacturers are seeing a vast increase in the number of players in the mobile market, opening up new channels but pushing mobile services without focusing on terminals. How should terminal manufacturers position themselves?

In this report we don’t just describe market trends. We consider all players in the value chain and explain their situation so that you can come to appreciate all the actual and potential influences on the MVNO market. This report is, therefore, an essential tool for your success in this market.

The report:

  • Defines the different players in the mobile market
  • Shows the development of MVNOs in historical context and esplores the role they will play in the future
  • Provides a detailed market aseesment 
  • Explains how to establish a mobile provider
  • Details the future – How to established mobile providers should further develop their company
  • Analyses the 5 different phases of financial influence on the mobile market
  • Analyses the perspectives of MVNOs
    • The MNO perspective 
    • The retail perspective 
    • The Media perspective
    • The handset perspective
    • The technological perspective

When we launched our first MVNO report, the consensus was that the “Danish flu” would not spread to other markets. Most MNOs said that this was a Scandinavian phenomenon, and argued that discount players would not be successful in their own markets. However, shortly after we published the report in 2003, discount MVNOs began springing up in Norway, Finland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and a host of other countries.

We believe this latest report will change the way MNOs look at the MVNO market. That’s because this is the script that new players will follow, as well as being a source of inspiration for existing MVNOs looking to develop their businesses further. It’s 350-plus pages of strategic information, analysis and case studies covering a range of the most successful players in the market today, and those likely to succeed in the future.

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