How to create, build and become a successful MVNO

There are thousands of players on the market that dream of building a successful MVNO and almost all of them have only one thing in common – it is very unlikely that they will be successful.
Creating a successful MVNO requires much more than just the information you can accumulate by surfing the Internet, or by copying what you see when you examine the few MVNOs that have been successful.
Strand Consult has spent many years building the world’s largest MVNO team, we have spent over 18 man-years analysing and describing this market. We have worked for the winners and analysed the losers.
In this report we have collected a great deal of the knowledge a MVNO will need when developing their concept and planning their strategy:

You will find information on how to establish yourself as a mobile provider and we examine the various possibilities including launching as a BR, SP, MVNO or MVNE and alternatively as a niche MNO.

This report is written for Retailers, Media companies, Broadband Providers and Fixed Net providers. The report documents the opportunities that exist for the above types of companies when launching on the mobile market.

Amongst other things the report examines how broadband providers are currently targeting the mobile market in a big way. The report examines their chances and how their plans will affect the future of the mobile market. 

New technologies such as HSDPA open up a number of new possibilities for the newest MVNOs – we examine who will win on this changing market.

The report shows how you can differentiate yourself from the other players that are currently on the market. We have not just collected the information on how to design a MVNO, but also on how to handle business re-engineering on an existing MVNO.

We have analysed the risks associated with launching a virtual mobile business and provide you with the knowledge that will minimise the risk of fiasco on the competitive MVNO market.
The report contains a number of interesting case studies from both successful and unsuccessful virtual mobile providers, allowing potential new virtual mobile providers to learn from the mistakes and experiences already made on the market.

With this report you will have access to the information that has been the foundation of the largest successes on the MVNO market. You will have access to the knowledge and insight that the world’s largest MVNO team has built up during their 18 man years of analysing this business. This is not information that pays tribute to the MVNO market – this is the information and knowledge required to be successful on this market and that makes you aware of the pitfalls that almost all MVNOs have experienced.

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