How to become a successful MVNE

It’s here – our new report about the future MVNE market This report is part of a series of reports we have published about the MVNO market over the past years. However, this report is much more than a market assessment; it’s a call to action plan that shows you how to thrive in a difficult market. It analyses the newest trends and explores, how to achieve success on the MVNE market.

The target audiences for this report are:
MNOs – What should MNOs do to improve their market position and become successful with their MVNE strategies? 
MVNOs – how to utilise your existing setup and develop a MVNO business to a MVNE business.  
MVNEs/MNEs – A lot of players are trying to become successful as MVNE/MNEs, but what does it take to attain success?
Infrastructure providers – Infrastructure providers are setting up new business units servicing the MVNO market, but what does it take to be successful?

In this report we don’t just describe the current market trends. We examine all the market players in the value chain and explain their situation, so that you can understand and appreciate all the actual and potential influences on the MVNE market. This report is thereby an essential tool for your success in this market

The report:
· Defines the different players in the mobile market
· Shows the development of MVNOs in historical context and explores the role they will play in the future – including the current and future role of MVNEs.
· Provides a detailed market assessment 
· Explains how to launch a MVNE
· Describes the future – How established MVNE ´s should further develop their company
· Analyses the perspectives of MVNEs
· The MNO perspective 
· The MVNO perspective
· The technological perspectives

We describe the market’s development, and explain what it takes to be successful in an ever-changing environment. The MVNO market doesn’t stop with the arrival of discount-, ethnic- or retail- MVNOs – it keeps on evolving, and the MVNEs will play a central role on the future MVNO market. 

We believe this latest report will change the way the industry views the MVNE market. That’s because this is the blueprint of the plans that new market players will follow, as well as being a source of inspiration for existing MVNEs looking to further develop their business. This is a 300-plus page report containing strategic information, analyses and case studies that cover a selection of the most successful players in the market today, and those that are likely to succeed in the future.

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