How MVNO´s can get success in the Mobile Broadband market

The MVNO market is changing and with the introduction of mobile broadband a number of existing MVNOs are facing two choices – should they market and sell mobile broadband and if they do, which strategy will make them successful?

The report “How MVNOs can be successful on the Mobile Broadband market” has been created based on our knowledge of the mobile broadband market and the whole MVNO market. We have now compiled this knowledge, thereby not only giving an overview of the possibilities on this market, but also putting forward a number of suggestions on how to create a successful MVNO that is focused on mobile broadband.

The report is targeted at:

– MVNOs that want to do business on the fastest growing market in the history of the mobile industry.
IT companies that are today selling applications and solutions on the business market and that are considering bundling applications with data traffic.
– ISPs that view the mobile broadband market as a competitor/supplement to their existing broadband business.
– MVNEs that want to supplement their existing solutions with mobile broadband.
New MVNOs that are considering launching a wireless ISP.
– Technology providers that want to do business on the MVNO market and that need knowledge about this market and how it is developing.
– MNO’s that need knowledge about the MVNO market for mobile broadband providers.

This report is a unique collection of knowledge and can save you a great deal of time and ensure that you increase your possibilities of being successful on this market. With this report you will have access to 95% of the knowledge a market player focusing on MVNOs and their role on the mobile broadband market needs.

The report contains:

  • Which role will MVNOs have on the mobile broadband market?
  • How will existing MVNOs do business on this market?
  • Which new types of MVNOs will enter this market and which strategies will they be using?
  • Is mobile broadband a replacement for fixed line broadband, or a supplement?
  • How will this development influence the fixed line broadband market?
  • How will the price development of mobile broadband influence a number of other areas in the telecom industry, including the fixed line broadband market?
  • What has already happened on a number of key markets across the world and what will the consequences be on your market, if you experience the same market developments?
  • Is mobile broadband something we will use on mobile telephones, or is it a product that will be purchased and used for portable PCs?
  • Who will dominate this market – the mobile telephone manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung and Motorola or PC manufacturers like HP and Dell?
  • Is there a market for MVNOs in the form of wireless ISPs, or will other players enter this market?
  • How will the market be divided? Will it be those with the best coverage, the best prices or the widest distribution that become most successful?
  • How will the different markets experience the consolidation?

This report is your toolbox on how to achieve success. We have used our extensive experience from the past many years of analysing the MVNO market, to compile this knowledge that we know you need to create a successful strategy on this market.

Today, Strand Consult is the world’s largest MVNO competency centre and combined with our vast knowledge about the mobile broadband market, we have been able to compile this report that many market players on the MVNO market have long been searching for.

If you request more information about the report “How MVNOs can achieve success on the Mobile Broadband market” today, you will receive the knowledge you need to successfully navigate this market tomorrow.

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