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Strand Consult launches “Telecom Expert Voices”. Read the first three guest blogs highlighting valuable insight from the telecom community

For 25 years Strand Consult has collected and published knowledge about the telecommunications market. Knowledge is critical for making decisions, and policymakers should focus on getting the best available knowledge and evidence. Strand Consult is known for its ability to spot trends, predict the future, and provide critical commentary to industrial and policy developments.

Strand Consult conducts original research and collects multitude of information from different sources. These inputs are packaged into Strand Consult’s research notes, reports and workshops as well its presentations at conferences and in the media.  Telecom operators around the world purchase Strand Consult’s unique and valuable knowledge so they can navigate an increasingly complex world.

Strand Consult is fortunate to meet and engage many interesting, intelligent people with compelling insight on the telecom industry. Strand Consult would like to amplify these voices through its new blog universe, “Telecom Expert Voices”.

Strand Consult’s goal is to strengthen and broaden the visibility of some the smartest and most intelligent thinkers on telecommunications. These expert commentaries don’t necessarily reflect Strand Consult view but are valuable to support the broader discussion about the telecom industry and its importance to society.

In connection with the launch of “Telecom Expert Voices”, the first guest blogs are already posted Strand Consult’s website. Features include:

How well is 5G shaping up?

Enthusiasm continues to run high for 5G. Many believe that it is a revolutionary generation, delivering a massive change in connectivity and revolutionising our lives.

Read the full blog article by William Webb, PhD.

William is CEO of Webb Search providing independent telecoms consultancy and advice. He was one of the founding directors of Neul, and became CEO of the Weightless SIG. Prior to this William was a Director at Ofcom. He was IET President 2014-2015, has published 17 books, has multiple honorary doctorates and awards.

Eight false assumptions on which national broadband plans are based

Broadband is good, the nation is a positive notion and most good things need a plan. If we put these three things together the result is a national broadband plan. Is this still desirable or is it like a Hawaiian pizza – several good things in a combination that does not quite work?

Read the full blog articleby Petrus Potgieter, PhD.

Petrus is a Associated Partner with Strand Consult. He is Professor in Decision Sciences, University of South Africa and a researcher at the Institute for Technology and Network Economics.

ApplePay: Reshaping the world of payments and banking

In 2003 when the Apple iTunes service was launched somebody I know stated “perhaps in 10 to 15 years” we will get our salaries paid through iTunes, and we will buy everything through it”. Now, fast forward to 2021 and this prediction is on the verge of coming true. In order to make use of the full functionality of the Apple ecosystems, users have to input a credit card to the system, allowing Apple to create one of the biggest and most active consumer ledger services in the digital world. Furthermore in 2014, Apple launched ApplePay.

Read the full blog articleby Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, PhD.

Silvia is a Associated Partner with Strand Consult. She is telecommunications network engineer and researcher in mobile technology, business models analysis, telecommunications strategy, mobile payments, big data, and data science analysis. Silvia analyzes the use of technology in social and international contexts and has worked around the world. Silvia earned a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a Masters of Science at Imperial College London, and Bachelors of Science from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Strand Consult hopes that its audience will enjoy these new voices for their insight, perspective, and inspiration. Moreover, it wants to bring more visibility to these experts through its newsletter which reaches 40,000 people the in global telecom industry. 

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