How Mobile operators get success with their MVNO strategy

Around the world many mobile operators are spending a great deal of time contemplating on how to react to MVNOs and the MVNO market.
Increasing pressure from the regulative authorities and various companies that want to do business in this market has resulted in operators having difficulty in just ignoring this market – instead they ought to embrace it and create a forward-looking winning strategy. This report has been written by our MVNO team, with the purpose of:

Discovering the possibilities of allowing virtual operators on ones network. What effect will this have on a mobile operator in the short, medium and long-term?

Focusing on the risks a MNO faces and giving viable suggestions and examples of how to become successful on the market.

Showing how an aggressive MVNO strategy can have a positive impact on a MNO’s business case.
Exploring a selection of the MVNE strategies that have already been implemented and projects how the market will develop in the future.

Examining E-Plus in Germany, showing how the company has managed to increase its EBITDA margin from 21% to 36% within two years, at the expense of its slower competitors. The report examines the trend towards operators starting to focus on MVNEs in countries like Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

This is the report that gives operators the knowledge and insight needed to create the foundation for success on the MVNO market.

The information in this report cannot be found on the Internet, or heard at conferences – this is inside knowledge that can only be obtained when you have worked for the winners and analysed the losers.

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