Roslyn Layton, Ph.D.

Executive Vice-President

Roslyn Layton leads Strand Consult’s Global Project on Broadband Cost Recovery and Fair Share. She is also a Visiting Researcher at Aalborg University’s Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI). Dr. Layton helps nations close the digital divide and improve broadband affordability with policy to broaden the base of contributions and improve business models. Dr. Layton studies and evaluates critical issues regulatory policy issues like radio spectrum allocation, network security, network investment, privacy, network consolidation, technological innovation, and so on.

Prior to Strand Consult, Dr. Layton worked in the software/analytics, finance, and advanced technology industries in Silicon Valley, India, and Netherlands.

Dr. Layton served on the President Elect Transition Team for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Her doctoral research compared the impact of net neutrality regulation on telecom network innovation across 53 countries over 5 years, finding that soft rule regimes and competition law are more effective to deliver local country innovation over punitive regulation. She continues to publish academically and in the popular press. She has been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Forbes, Washington Post, and many media around the world. Dr. Layton earned a Ph.D. in business economics from Aalborg University, an M.B.A. from the Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands), and a B.A. in international service from American University.

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