The use of mobile services in marketing

Focus: This workshop is designed to help advertising agencies and marketing departments in formulating strategies for how to best use mobile services as part of a marketing strategy.

With SMS, mobile phones took the first step towards becoming a media relevant for marketing purposes – a media that will become increasingly important as new technologies such as WAP/GPRS and UMTS becomes operational.

The challenge to anyone wanting to make use of this new media is to understand its possibilities and limitations. The challenge is to gain an understanding of what users will accept and what they will reject, how to combine games/events and marketing, how to combine mobile services and marketing activities. The challenge is to realise that m-marketing is more than just advertising. It requires advertising agencies and marketing departments to think ‘out of the box’.

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has been evaluating sales and marketing processes in both the physical and virtual world for the past 7 years – both in relations to ordinary goods and digital services. We have a strategic understanding of what is required to make m-marketing a success – both now and in the future 3G market. We have helped operators and media companies in their development of innovative m-marketing activities.

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