The segmentation of mobile phone customers in the future

Focus: This workshop is designed to help mobile operators, service providers and WASPs in their work on segmenting their customer base in the future market for mobile services.

Segmentation is needed in order to ensure the largest and best customer base possible. Only this way will mobile operators, service providers and WASPs be able to meet and satisfy customer needs and optimise revenue.

This process of segmentation is not just about identifying segments. It is also about developing and marketing different products and services customised for the respective segments. This process is a challenge, not just in practical terms, but also mentally. It demands a new outlook on customers, on branding, distribution, customer service, and co-operation with external content providers. It requires an organisational change.

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has significant experience in evaluating different businesses ability to meet the needs of different segments. We have experience in helping mobile operators, service providers and WASPs in differentiating their customer base and developing individual strategies for individual segments.

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