The role of the media business in the future market for mobile services

Focus: This workshop is designed to help content providers and media companies in their work towards adapting content and services to the new digital media, and to formulate new strategies for operating in the market for mobile services.

The experience of the Internet for most content providers and media companies, was one of loosing money – a lot of money!

The challenge today is to understand how and why the mobile Internet is different, and to formulate strategies, which ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. The challenge is to understand the potential of making money on the mobile Internet, based on strategic partnerships with mobile operators.

How this workshop can add value:
Understanding the potential of the future market for mobile services is about understanding both the mobile and the media world. Strand Consult has already helped several international media companies formulate their respective strategies for entry into the market for mobile services. The workshop is based on these experiences, and on our subsequent understanding of how the media business can make money on the mobile Internet.

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