The role of the financial business in the future market for mobile services

Focus: This workshop is designed to help banks, credit card companies and credit brokers in the work towards understanding their role in the market for mobile services, and to formulate new strategies for operating in that market.

The success of m-commerce is dependent on a convergence of the mobile and financial business. It is dependent on structures and processes for handling payment, invoicing and revenue sharing between partners. Here banks, credit card companies and credit brokers can play an important part in the development of this market. They can especially play an important role in relations to media companies, who have established customer relations, but no systems for handling payments and revenue sharing.

The challenge for any bank, credit card company or credit broker is to establish the necessary strategic partnerships with mobile operators, content providers and media companies. Especially, the challenge is to make mobile operators see how working together with financial businesses can benefit both.

The challenge is to fully understand the role of the Super Providers of the future – providers who are a result of the convergence of the mobile, financial, media and IT business.

How this workshop can add value:
Understanding the strategic role of banks, credit card companies and credit brokers in the future market for mobile services is about understanding both the mobile and financial world. It is about understanding how the two businesses can complement each other in relations to the mobile Internet.

Strand Consult has already helped several financial businesses formulate their respective strategies for entry into the market for mobile services and for establishing strategic partnerships. The workshop is based on these experiences, and on our understanding of both the possibilities and difficulties of this task.

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