The role of mobile operators in the future market for mobile services

Focus: This workshop is designed to help mobile operators in the work towards understanding their role in the future market for mobile services, and to formulate new strategies for operating in that market.

Mobile operators across the world have spent large sums buying UMTS licences. In order to ensure a return on the total UMTS investments, operators will have to ensure access to quality content. This content is what can ensure operators revenue in the future.

This focus on content, also involve a shift in focus from the size to the quality of operators customer bases – it’s about focusing on ARPU. The challenge for operators is to decide where in the value chain they want to position themselves, and to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with content providers, media and financial companies

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has 7 years experience of helping mobile operators formulate strategies and of providing players in the market for mobile services with a strategic understanding of the Super Providers of the future – providers who are a result of the convergence of the mobile, financial, media and IT business.

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