The Moment of Truth, A Portrait of the Mobile TV Market

Strand Consult has now published our latest report “The Moment of Truth, a Portrait of the Mobile TV Market”. This is probably the first report in the world to cover the whole current mobile TV industry and we have already received a great deal of very positive feedback from a number of trade magazines and from the customers that have pre-ordered the report.

This report not only analyses DVB-H and the other mobile TV technologies, the report also explains why we believe that DVB-H most probably will join the list of Telco technologies that were terminated almost before being activated! Quite simply, we believe that DVB-H has been left standing still by the mobile broadband development we are seeing around the world.

When studying mobile TV, it is important to analyse the underlying business case. The foundation of mobile TV is the cash flow generated by mobile TV customers. That cash flow must be divided between the content providers, the mobile TV signal distributer and the other players that are part of the mobile TV value chain. Strand Consult has received the figures from mobile TV from around the world. We have examined what customers are doing today, how revenue and costs are being divided and what the market will look like in the future.

The report describes the trends we are seeing on the mobile TV market – including how customers have reacted to the launch of mobile TV in a number of countries around the world. We are not interested in praising mobile TV, or the possibilities that mobile TV gives customers. This report clearly shows market players in the business what the future of mobile TV looks like and what they need to do to achieve success. Included in the report is e.g.:

– What does the mobile TV value chain look like?
– The technological development – different possibilities of delivering mobile TV to customers.
– What does it cost to implement the various types of network technologies?
– What does it cost to deliver mobile TV via UMTS/LTE, DVB-H and MBMS?
– Which mobile TV network technology will win – and why?
– How much are customers willing to pay for mobile TV?
– How should mobile TV revenue be divided between the different partners?
– What is the status of the mobile TV handset market and how has it developed?
– What is the size of today’s mobile TV market and what size future growth can we expect?
– Winners and losers on the mobile TV market

The report “The Moment of Truth, a Portrait of the Mobile TV Market” closely examines the challenges that mobile operators, content providers and technology providers are facing. Yes, the mobile TV market exists today – but exactly what will it take to develop into a healthy business for the companies involved?

We have had a close dialogue with the many different companies on this market, heard about their experiences on a number of markets and analysed their figures:

– How do mobile operators view the mobile TV market?
– How do a number of media companies view the mobile TV market?
– What will it take to create a healthy mobile TV business case?
– What does a typical UMTS/LTE, DVB-H and MBMS business case look like?
– What mobile TV experiences and results have countries like Austria, Switzerland, Germany and a number of other countries gained over the past years?
– Will DVB-H stand a chance in the future, or has this technology already been bypassed by the ongoing development of UMTS/LTE?

Please do not hesitate to request more information about this new report. We will send you more information about the report and our new customised workshops and lectures, where we relate the findings of the report to your current market situation.

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