The moment of truth, a portrait of the iPhone

Much has been said and written about the iPhone, but even before its initial launch, Strand Consult was very critical – a criticism that was based on our experience and analyses. On the other hand we are the first to admit that there are many that disagree with our statements and the conclusions that have come out of our analyses.

However we do not believe that people that read our analyses should judge us on what we predict will happen, but instead on what we previously predicted would happen today. Unlike many of those that sell information about the mobile future, we are not financially dependent on technology providers, phone manufacturers or infrastructure providers. We make a living from advising mobile operators on how to achieve success and make a profit for their shareholders.

In the report The moment of truth, a portrait of the iPhone we take a closer look at the iPhone, the iPhone effect and whether a mobile operator can actually measure the iPhone effect, or whether there are other areas or mobile handsets that an operator would do better focusing on?

We have had a close dialogue with a number of operators, we have examined their financial figures and analysed whether the iPhone has created value for those mobile operators that have been focusing on the iPhone. In the report we take a close look at the 10 largest myths about the iPhone: 

 1)  The iPhone drives data traffic into mobile operators networks
 2) The iPhone helps operators attract new customers
 3) The iPhone is good business for mobile operators
 4) The iPhone is dominating the mobile services market
 5) App store is a huge success that has revolutionised the services market
 6) There is money to be made by developing applications for the iPhone
 7) It is iPhone customers that are generating the majority of online mobile surfing traffic
 8) The iPhone has a large market share
 9) The iPhone was the first mobile phone with a touchscreen
10) The iPhone is a technologically advanced mobile phone

Simply put, many of the conclusions that the media have published about the significance of the iPhone for mobile operators are not documented in the operators’ – or other key market players – financial statements. We can also conclude that the closer a relationship is between an operator and Apple, the larger negative influence it has on the operator’s overall business case from a shareholder’s viewpoint

Unlike many others that have put forward statements about the iPhone, we have chosen to describe and analyse the value chain that the iPhone is a part of. We have analysed the iPhone effect from an operator’s viewpoint and described the 10 myths that are currently dominating the iPhone world.

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