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The hangover from the Single-Portal-Strategy

Wealthy individuals all over the world battle in the practise of having the largest most expensive multi million yacht. These yachts are very luxurious decorated with everything you can desire. This battle is a very expensive affair, as it requires a crew, maintenance and docking space etc

In much the same way, mobile operators duelled in having the most prominent mobile portal, and the mobile operators have been able to show some really nice portals, however the launches have not been a consumer success.

This competition have for the operators as much as the wealthy individuals been an extremely expensive affair. The mobile portals require employees (crew), maintenance, offices (docking space) and the expenses to run the mobile portals have in most cases far exceeded the income.

The differences between the wealthy individuals and the mobile operators and their mobile portals is that the individuals know that having a yacht is an expense, but the mobile operators had an expectation of the mobile portal would be a business which could generate growth in turnover and contribute with a higher earning.

The lack of success for mobile portals is partly due to the fact that they have not become a consumer success and have left the mobile operators with a large financial hangover. Some mobile operators still spend large financial resources on their mobile portals, while other mobile operators have seen that this way and strategy is not sustainable, and have on basis of their experiences turned to a new strategy. One of the mobile operators is TeliaSonera who lets all mobile users (incl. non TeliaSonera users) access their portal SurfPort. Telenor is another mobile operator who after a significant bet on their portal djuice, have adjusted their strategy.

In the report ”Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS-marked” we have identified four different portal/client strategies, which mobile operators basically will choose between. For each of the four strategies we have made a thorough and in depth analysis with the purpose of identifying the different revenues sources. The analysis shows that the more open complex strategies still gives mobile operators access to the same revenue sources as the simple strategies, but also open many new sources of revenue when using the more open and complex strategies. The report also analyses how the four strategies affect the services market and the influence the strategies have on the various market players in the mobile service segment.

Successful strategies on the future VAS market

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