Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market

This report is the last in our trilogy which also consists of our two unique reports “Mega-trends in the mobile market – a question of life and death” and “How to get success in the 3. generation VAS market – The Platform & Delivery perspective” an epochal series of three reports about the future mobile market, how it looks and the drivers that will influence it.

The report is a strategic report that contains the knowledge that builds a bridge between the first two reports that we have already published and sold to over 70 operators around the world.

The purpose of the report “Successful Strategies for the future Mobile Value Added Services market” is to create a tool that you players on the services market can use to navigate a market that in our opinion will experience a paradigm shift. We believe that the market for mobile services faces enormous changes that will influence all the market players – operators, technology providers and all the people making a living from marketing and selling mobile services to end-users.

Looking at the history of the mobile services market, it all started when operators back in 2000/2001 tried to launch their own WAP portal’s with very limited success. The fiasco with the mobile portals was partly followed by an open garden strategy in the period 2001 to 2005, where content providers could use Premium SMS to earn money by marketing and selling mobile services to end-users and sharing their revenue with the operators that handled the billing of the purchased services.

Today, almost all mobile operators around the world have both their own portals and have given content providers access to make money by marketing and selling services across all operator networks to end-users.

You should not purchase this unique report if you believe that:
– The mobile services market will not develop in the future
– Operators will earn fortunes on purchasing, marketing and selling mobile services
– The future operator will only have one portal for all customer segments
– New technologies and larger bandwidth will not influence the services market
– MVNOs increasing market shares will not influence the services market
– New services based on MMS, XHTML, Video and Music will not be successful

We are convinced that the whole mobile services market is facing a paradigm shift as the mobile market experiences a number of changes. We believe that some operators will spread across larger parts of the value chain, while others will focus on their core business. Put simply, one could say that on the future mobile market, different operators on the same market will have very different strategies based on their current market position and the strategy that the operator group the operator is associated with has been using.

We believe that the development we have seen in large parts of the world over the past five years, where operators are increasingly adopting an open garden strategy will continue, on the other hand there are also a number of Value Added Service areas that the operators want to dominate – areas that either are network centric or areas they believe can influence their churn or acquisition costs in a positive direction.

If you would like to take a closer look at which direction the Mobile Value Added Services Market will move and how operators and other players will influence this market, then purchase this unique report and read more about:

– The 10 Mega-trends that will influence the future mobile market
– Six operator strategies scenarios and how they will affect the VAS market
– How will handset manufacturers influence the services market
– How will the operators portals strategies change
– How will the VAS market be structured and develop in the future
– What will it take to achieve success on the future services market
– Who are the winners and who are the losers
– The characteristics of a successful player on the VAS market

Strand Consult has always focused on spotting the latest trends, we were the first that described premium SMS and the business possibilities this opened for various players in the industry. Our predictions were spot-on and many operators followed our advice and have enjoyed great success on that market as a result. We were also the first analysts to point out that if one wanted to see the future mobile market you should not look at Japan, but rather at South Korea – our reports about the Korean mobile market are today legendary and people in the industry have stopped talking about Japan and are talking about Korea instead. Most recently we were the first to discover how the discount MVNO market was influencing the whole mobile market – some have been sceptical, others have listened and used our knowledge to achieve success.

One could say that Strand Consult help our customers navigate a turbulent industry and thereby help our customers achieve success on the mobile market. We focus on how to create satisfied customers, shareholders and employees. If you would like to have more information sent to you about this unique report, please do not hesitate to contact us today. 

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