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Successful Strategies for the Future Mobile Market

The mobile market and the mobile operators business is currently being influenced by a number of trends that have been analysed in Strand Consults new report – Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market – a question of life or death. We have examined in depth how these trends will result in each and every mobile operator having to more or less adapt their overall strategy to the new conditions on the mobile market that will be a result of these trends. We have identified and analysed six very different successful strategies that mobile operators will be able to choose between over the coming years. We believe that all mobile operators will choose one of these six paths – the question is simply which strategy operators like T-mobil, Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica and TIM choose. The six possible successful strategies are:
1.   Business as usual
This a theoretical strategy, based on the way many mobile operators think and do business on today’s mobile market. This is therefore the strategy many mobile operators will have unless they change the way they perceive themselves.

2.   The free handset market
This strategy is based on strategy A, with the important difference that operators will stop subsidising handsets.

3.   Back to basics
This strategy is based on operators going back to a strategy where all sales are handled directly by the operator without any kind of intermediary. This will be the case for mobile services, handsets and subscriptions.

4.   The Open garden – VAS partnering
This strategy is based on operators focusing 100% on partners for the mobile services area and therefore not developing their own services.

5.   The scale hunter – SIM partnering
This strategy is based on the operator focusing 100% on the service provider/MVNO and thereby opening their network for third party providers to offer mobile products. In this strategy operators retain their own “brands”, but use service providers/MVNOs as a supplement.

6.   Lean and mean
This strategy is based on operators not just opening their network to service providers/MVNOs and their systems for content providers, but focusing 100% on partners for all areas. All the operator has in this strategy is their network licence and their billing system and have therefore no own brand to market to end-users.
You can find much more information regarding these six possible operator strategies in our latest report – Successful Strategies for the future Mobile VAS market – where we have analysed the six future operator strategies for the VAS market. Each of the six strategies has been thoroughly described and analysed to identify the different advantages and risks that the strategies impose on mobile operators. The mobile operator strategies have been analysed based on a number of parameters to give mobile operators a tool that shows how these strategies will influence the mobile operators business. The different strategies can however be combined – resulting in many different types of possible future mobile operator VAS strategies.

Successful strategies on the future VAS market

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