Strand Consult has now launched a workshop to help people working with the many current issues mobile operators are battling when building mobile networks

Through the years Strand Consult has held numerous strategic workshops about the mobile world and how it is developing for members – or whole boards of directors from companies in the mobile industry. Many workshops are focused on specific subjects and have predefined goals that have been set together with the board of directors, and that are reached during the workshop.

In recent years we have held an increasing number of workshops that are focused on the issues and challenges that employees in the mobile industry working within public affairs, communication and operations usually face. We recently held a series of very successful workshops for a number of mobile operators, which were solely focused on optimising their knowledge about how to reduce costs and optimise the tasks and processes involved when building mobile networks. Now you can also benefit from the same workshop.

Just six months ago, Danish mobile operators were battling against slow municipal handling of building applications, rental prices that were rocketing sky-high and articles in the press where mobile operators were being accused of being the direct reason why Danes were increasingly experiencing poor mobile coverage. Thanks to this new analysis and workshop “How mobile operators can reduce cost for mobile masts and improve their regulation” from Strand Consult, all that has now changed.

Strand Consult spent several months conducting an extensive analysis of the whole mobile mast market, especially focused on the business area of erecting mobile masts on rented plots of land or on buildings. We examined how this market had been developing up to now and how it could continue to develop in the future. Quite simply we have mapped out the whole process from a mobile operator wanting to offer mobile coverage in a certain geographical area, up to having erected and activated mobile masts that customers can use. For many operators, this process was something close to trying to get permission to erect mobile masts in hell!

Many blame the mobile operators for lacking or poor mobile coverage. But at Strand Consult we know that the people who are most interested in ensuring quality mobile coverage is the mobile industry itself. We also know that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than you read about in the press. In reality Strand Consult has published one of the most exciting analyses ever made in this area.

In the analysis ” How mobile operators can reduce cost for mobile masts and improve their regulation ” we have closely examined what happens in practice from the idea of launching a mobile operator, up to customers receiving a mobile signal on their phone and we have described in detail all the challenges the mobile industry has been facing during this process.

All our mobile mast workshops are specifically customised to each individual operator. The workshop takes its offset on the current situation and business conditions of the mobile operator’s local market, the operator’s current challenges and the experience and business cases we have from the mobile industry around the world.

Basically our analysis and a customized workshop will result in a number of suggestions on what mobile operators can do themselves in this area and how Strand Consult and others handled the situation in Denmark, with the sole goal of changing the business conditions that mobile operators were locked into when negotiating locations for mobile masts. Denmark was the first country to stop the Wild West conditions that mobile operators were battling in this area – we are sure it will not be the last country.

We believe that Strand Consult’s knowledge and business experience can help you change this mobile business area in a number of areas, including:

1.    How easily and quickly can you acquire permission to erect a mobile mast?
2.    What should it cost to rent property or building space for a mobile mast?
3.    How should your rental prices increase over time? What should your annual rental increase be?
4.    How does the press view the term “mobile coverage” in your country?
5.    What arguments could you use to increase attention from the regulative authorities and your political system?

The above list could be a lot longer. But the most important issue here is to reduce the time and cost in connection with erecting mobile masts and at the same time prevent mobile mast property rental prices from exploding after just a few years.  

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