Research Notes


The real winner is the music industry!
According to the Danish Ornithological Association more and more singing
birds are adding new songs to their repertoire. And from where do the birds
get their new songs? Mobile phones, naturally!

The demand for new and personalised ringing tones is booming. Mobile phone users in Norway spend on average 3 GBP on new ringing tones. The report also shows the European market forringing tones to be worth a staggering 1 billion GBP in 2001 alone!

The birds may be inspired, but the real winner is the music industry. Since
many of the new ringing tones are based on popular songs, they receive a
royalty of between 5 and 10 pence per sold ringing tone. With 2 billion new
ringing tones expected to be sold, artists like Oasis and Janet Jackson
stand to make a fortune.
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