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Ring tones, logos and TV voting were the foundation of the success of premium SMS

What will be the foundation for OneAPI…..?

Around the world a combination of a business model and high penetration of mobile phones has created a multi-billion mobile services market. This enormous market was originally driven by content providers who sold ring tones and logos and gave consumers the possibility of competing in various TV shows -all via premium SMS and across operators’ networks.

In our report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry, Strand Consult has examined how the mobile world’s new standard OneAPI can utilise the experiences from the premium SMS market to create a commercial success. One of our conclusions is that OneAPI is a second-generation premium SMS and an important tool for all mobile operators – unless they want to end as dumb bitpipes. OneAPI is the tool that can change future mobile operators from dumb bit-pipes to intelligent bit-pipes.

Looking back at the premium SMS market, it was originally ring tones, logos and TV voting that created the premium SMS market. In just a few years, consumers learned to choose and pay for various digital services on their mobile phone. Simply put one could say that it was the content providers’ marketing, together with the enormous demand for access to the mobile operators billing model, that was the foundation of the premium SMS market.

When looking at the GSMA standard OneAPI, there is no doubt that the new APIs that operators are starting to make available open a great deal of possibilities for those developing, marketing and selling various IT services on both the private and corporate markets. The big question is how to ensure that OneAPI becomes a commercial success and how an operator can ensure that many market players offer new services based on OneAPI?

In our report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry we have described a number of the many possibilities and new business models that can help drive OneAPI and we have described mobile services that have already launched and services that most probably will be announced in the future. In the report you can read how Facebook applications could open a totally new market that could easily become larger than the original ring tone and logo market. We also describe how media companies and news sites can gain a central role on the future services market by using OneAPI.

If you would like to learn more about how news, Facebook applications and other exciting services can use OneAPI, purchase the report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry from Strand Consult. We have spent the necessary time in analysing this market and in this comprehensive +200 page report, described the challenges and opportunities different market players have on this market. With this report from Strand Consult, you have access to knowledge from some of the best people in this industry, knowledge that can save you a great deal of expensive consultancy costs. This report was written by the same team that were the first in the world to tell operators they ought to focus on premium SMS back in 1998/99.
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