Revenue sharing models on the mobile Internet

This workshop is designed to assist mobile operators, content providers and media companies in their work on creating new and competitive revenue sharing models for SMS, WAP/GPRS and UMTS-based mobile services.

Revenue sharing is the key to success on the mobile Internet. Mobile operators, who have had success with SMS-based services, are those who have created revenue sharing models which made it attractive for content providers and media companies to develop and market such services. 

SMS-based services are only the first step in the development of the mobile Internet. With WAP/GPRS and UMTS services comes the need for more advanced revenue sharing models capable of handling more diverse types of content, services and revenue streams. The challenge to mobile operators, service providers and media companies today, is learning to consider these advanced revenue sharing models as an integrated part of any future strategy.

How this workshop can add value:
The workshop is designed to act as a catalyst in the process of learning to develop advanced revenue sharing models and making them an integral part of a future business strategy. It draws on Strand Consult’s experience of working across the value-chain, and on our experience of helping mobile operators, content providers and media companies world-wide to better understand and meet the challenges of the mobile Internet.

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