PDA producers and how best to enter the mobile market

Focus: This workshop is designed to help PDA producers and distributors in their work on formulating strategies for how to enter the mobile market.

The convergence of previously separate technologies also means that PDAs and mobile phone will converge into a kind of ‘wireless PDAs’.

The challenge to PDA producers is to understand how the market for these devices differ from that of ordinary PDAs in terms of value chains and subsidising from operators. The challenge will be to ensure access to the proper distribution channels, whether these are operator-controlled shops or independent retailers.

How this workshop can add value:
Strand Consult has several years experience from the IT business and in analysing and evaluating the market for Smart Phones and PDAs and how the convergence of technologies will affect this market. We have helped both producers and distributors to better understand the future mobile market and how products should best be marketed and distributed. The workshop is based on this knowledge and these experiences.

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