OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry

Many people in the Mobile industry have discussed what the future value-added services market will look like and how it will develop. The evolution that started with premium SMS will, together with GSMA’s OpenAPI initiative, help develop the whole mobile value added services market in a very exciting direction – a direction that will open the possibility for both operators and various service providers to experience some fantastic future business opportunities.

It is no secret that Strand Consult has time and time again predicted precisely how the market is developing.  Back in 1998/99 we described how a global premium SMS market would emerge and we were the first consultants to advise operators to choose an open garden strategy – a strategy that is today the whole foundation of the Premium SMS market.

In our new report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry, we have not only described how the industry has reacted to OpenAPI and how a number of operators have chosen to implement this new standard, but also described in detail how we believe this market will develop and how OneAPI will develop into OpenAPI.

Strand Consult is not interested in publishing standard reports that describe technological standards or how technicians view the future. We are market leaders in advising our customers on how different players in the mobile value chain can do business by taking advantage of certain new technological possibilities and thereby
be successful on this market.

The report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry is the latest addition to the many large strategic reports published by Strand Consult. We have analysed in depth the GSMA’s new venture in the value-added services area. This is not a report full of one-sided praises about the choices that operators or technology providers have made, but instead contains serious propositions on how to make OneAPI a commercial success of the same magnitude as we have seen on the premium SMS market. Our goal is to help our customers understand how to create value for their shareholders.

In the report you can read  more about:

– The historical development from premium SMS and WAP billing to Services APIs OneAPI – a GSMA/OMA standard that supports an “open” ecosystem.
– What the VAS market value chain looks like and who will have which roles on the future market?
– Various cases: How have a number of operators decided to implement OneAPI?
– How important will operator billing be on this market and how will the operators’ business models develop or companies that develop, market and sell services?
– Who will create value, who will generate cash flow and how will revenue be divided between the different market players in the value chain?
– Which business models will the different market players use? Will we see a repeat of the premium SMS market or will new models emerge and become popular?
– Which APIs will drive this market and which types of services- and platform players will dominate in the short, medium and long-term?
– The platform’s importance – who will invest in them? Will each operator invest in their own platforms or will they use platforms across multiple networks?
– How will new services be marketed and distributed? Will this market be driven by operators, or by service providers as we have seen so far on the premium SMS market?
– The market is moving from OneAPI to OpenAPI. Why is this happening and who and what will drive this development?
– New business opportunities for operators, technology providers, service providers and other market players.
– The regulative challenges – how will this market be regulated? Public- versus self-regulation.
– The 10 largest challenges regarding developing a sustainable OneAPI market
– The 10 largest advantages regarding developing the OneAPI market
– The 10 hottest tips for market players that want to be successful with OneAPI

Learn more about the report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry today and find out how to ensure your commercial success on the future value-added services market. Check that your strategy is prepared for the market developing from OneAPI to an OpenAPI market. This report is not a standard report that simply praises OneAPI. We have examined and analysed all the possibilities and opportunities and described the challenges the industry is facing. Just like we did with the premium SMS market, we have put forward our suggestions and recommendations in the report on how OneAPI can  become a commercial success.

You do not need to purchase the report OneAPI – Next Generation Value Added Services in the Mobile industry if you believe that the GSMA and OMA have already created the framework that will ensure the success of OneAPI. This report poses questions that many would rather not hear, but we also answer those  questions and based on our experience put forward solutions to the complex problems and issues that need  to be addressed, if OneAPI is to achieve the highest possible level of success.

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