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Knowledge is the road to success if you are working in the Telco industry

Working in the telecom world – and especially the mobile industry – is extremely exciting. Strand Consult has been in this business for 14 years and we know how crucial it is to have the right knowledge and information when making important strategic decisions. At the end of the day, the person that has the best information about the market and how the market is developing will be the person that has the largest chance of success when developing, implementing and executing a mobile strategy.
Today, Strand Consult’s customers include over 140 mobile operators, almost all the successful MVNOs and all the significant infrastructure manufacturers and providers. We have a large research centre that collects, analyses and publishes information in a series of strategic reports. Our reports are different from others available on the market. Many other companies usually only spend three man months on writing and publishing their report and many of their employees often have a journalistic background.
When Strand Consult publishes a report it has been MBAs, engineers and other academics that have had the responsibility of researching and writing the report. We do not spend three months writing a report, but between one and two man years and once published our reports are continually updated. We do not describe what various market players would prefer to hear, but carry out our own research, going behind the scenes and ensuring that the information we publish is correct and devoid of marketing claims and hype published by various market players.
Knowledge costs money. Our knowledge is the best in the business and it takes time to collect. We cannot offer our customers small, fast and inexpensive reports. We sell quality and guarantee our customers an objective view of the knowledge we have collected. Did you know that an infrastructure provider or telco cannot pay to be included as a case in reports? Likewise, companies that are analysed as cases in our reports are not allowed to use our conclusions in their marketing. Our name is your guarantee that you will receive correct and objective information and this guarantee has ensured our success during the past 14 years.
Today, Strand Consult owns a number of competency centres – we are most probably the single company in the world that knows the most about the mobile broadband market, the MVNO market, distribution of mobile products, mobile payments, the mobile services market and the services that emerge when IT, telecom and media converge. We have published over 10.000 pages of high end strategic information that you can read more about here: We frequently speak at a great number of the International mobile conferences about the mobile and media world and how they will develop in the future. You can read more about which conferences we will be speaking at on our website
This year we will be working for customers in around 25 to 30 countries spread across four or five continents and will be conducting workshops at CxO-level for between 40 and 50 operators. Even though our head office is in Scandinavia – the birthplace of the mobile industry – our turnover from South and Central America is getting very close to the same level as our Scandinavian turnover. Our customers come from all over the world and the success of our customers is the best reference we have – you cannot be in this business for 14 years without having many satisfied and loyal customers.
Our CEO John Strand is well-known for voicing his opinion and those that have met him personally say that his opinion and track record are unique. You can read more about John Strand here and you can hear his opinion on the MVNO market at the 2005 3GSM Mobile World Congress in Cannes here: If you want to know anything about the future of this industry, try spending a few hours with John. One thing is certain and that is that his knowledge is unique and you will have an astoundingly large probability of acquiring the knowledge you seek to achieve success in this turbulent business.
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