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Is mobile broadband going to be used on mobile handsets

or is this a product that will be purchased and used on portable PCs?

The revolution that we are currently experiencing on the mobile broadband market is extremely exciting. Internet access via mobile telephones has been possible for a number of years, but it was not until HSDPA was implemented that the download speeds have become comparable with fixed line Internet connections.
With the roll-out of HSDPA, mobile broadband has now also become interesting for use on portable PCs.
As we have described in our new report “Successful Strategies on the Mobile Broadband Market“, that examines and analyses the changes currently happening on the mobile broadband market, one of the questions that arises is whether it will be mobile telephones or portable PCs that will dominate Internet access on the future mobile broadband market.

In this connection one interesting development is the launch of ultra portable PCs with built-in 3G functionality. Ultra portable PCs are small and lightweight computers with up to 12 inch screens and with a longer battery life time than standard portable PCs.
Acer has been talking to the mobile operators T-Mobile, Vodafone, Orange, Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile about selling ultra portable PCs with built-in 3G. But it is not only Acer that wants to allow mobile operators to become mini portable PC distributors. Also Asus and ECS are currently negotiating with mobile operators regarding their Eee and G10IL. G10IL is expected to launch in September 2008 and will – like Acer’s upcoming portable PC – have built-in 3G. HP has also launched a portable PC called 2510p with a slightly larger 12.1” screen that also has built-in 3G.
At Strand Consult we believe that these ultra portable PCs will be an important area for the mobile broadband providers. They can help increase the value of mobile broadband and help end-users understand the many extra possibilities that mobile broadband offers.

As inexpensive ultra-portable PCs with built-in mobile broadband become increasingly available, many more people will have the opportunity to go online in countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela etc. There is no doubt that the future is wireless and with the launch of 3G and HSDPA, this market will explode over the coming years.

In our new report “Successful Strategies on the Mobile Broadband Market“. these and many other issues and challenges are thoroughly examined. The report is therefore an efficient tool for mobile broadband providers in their efforts to design an optimal strategy.

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