How to get success on the smartphone market – Strategic workshop

A great deal is being said and written about the smartphone market and how it is developing, but some of what the media is writing is not the reality that mobile operators are currently grappling with.

Many articles often give the impression that the increasing sales of smartphones is the best thing to ever happen to mobile operators since the invention of the mobile phone. But is the smartphone really that good news for mobile operators as the media claims?

The whole world knows that smartphone sales are literally exploding. But the underlying economy of this sales increase is something that many operators ought to take a very close look at – especially considering the parallel development of the operators’ costs in acquiring customers (SAC) and revenue per customer (ARPU). 

Strand Consult has been monitoring and analysing the smartphone market across a number of countries for the past two years. Our results show that many operators are seeing their SAC exploding at the same rate as their smartphone sales growth. Unfortunately these operators are not seeing any similar growth in ARPU.
Basically operators are currently focusing on smartphones because that is what the market wants. But our research shows that many operators have no strategy on how to optimise their smartphone sales to ensure a healthy balance between their SAC and the lifetime ARPU of their customers. 
Strand Consult has been following the mobile industry for 16 years. We were the first in the world to voice criticism about the iPhone and how the iPhone was having a negative influence on many operators’ business cases.
Our iPhone market report from 2009 – reached a distribution of over 10,000 copies and is probably the single most read and quoted report in the history of the mobile industry.

We strongly recommend our customers to purchase a customised Strand Consult. We will deliver a combination of knowledge, inspiration and a number of creative suggestions for concepts that our customers can immediately implement. A typical workshop agenda could look like this:

How can Strand Consult help you optimise your smartphone strategy?

We have spent the necessary time to analyse and understand this market and have had a close dialogue with many operators, investors and financial analysts around the world to compile knowledge, analyses and experiences from the global mobile market.
One of our teams has spent a number of years examining the market and has developed a number of concepts that can help turn the negative trends that many operators are experiencing today.
We know that knowledge is the road to success and the operator with the most knowledge and a structured approach to their strategy, will find it far easier to be successful on this market.
We know that by using the correct strategy, our customers can both improve their market position and increase earnings – benefiting both the company and its shareholders.
Our workshop concept ensures that all our workshops are customised to each individual customer, thereby ensuring that our customers increase their level of knowledge and receive personal creative sparring that can be implemented immediately.

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