How to get success – in the 3. Generation VAS Market, The Platform & Delivery perspective

Strand Consult now launches our 2nd Edition of our successful report How to get success, in the 3. Generation VAS Market – The Platform & Delivery perspective, a report about how the future mobile services market will develop, how the value chain will evolve and what it will take to achieve success as a player on the mobile services market. A report more than 40 Mobile Operators worldwide have purchased.

Strand Consult has spent over 24 man months analysing the mobile services market, what it looks like and how it is developing. The report is a follow-up to our three earlier reports about the mobile services market “Show me the money”, “How to make money” and “The Korean Services Market”.

Since we launched this strategic report much have happened in this market, and we have now spend some time analyzing, writing a number of chapters, as well as updating the most important parts of the report. This is the tool for the ones who whish to save time in their strategy work.

The market for mobile services started with primitive information services delivered via SMS. With the introduction of Nokia’s smart messaging, a market for ring tones was created that was stimulated by premium SMS’s that worked across operators – with the introduction of one short code that worked across all operators, a whole new industry was created with a revenue in Western Europe of over 2,5 billion Euro in 2005.

We believe the market for mobile services will continue to develop positively, but that the introduction of new technologies and more advanced mobile phones combined with the fact that many operators are under financial pressure, will lead to a paradigm shift on the mobile services market.

The value chain for mobile services will change; new players and new rules will create a paradigm shift. We examine the value chain, how it is developing and the future players on that value chain. Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Have you considered which services that will be popular in the near future, which handsets a service provider should focus on and how will the interaction be between mobile handsets, networks and the platforms that will ensure that customers get the right services on their handsets? And what will the role of the mobile operator be?

The complexity is increasing and it will not only be more difficult to be part of the market, but also more expensive to operate in the market. This extensive new report examines for example:

  • How will the handset market develop and what effect will it have on the services market?
  • How will the value chain develop in the short, medium and long-term?
  • What role will the operators have on the services market of the future?
  • Which platforms should one use to do business in the services markets of the future?
  • Which platforms will the operators focus on in the future – and why?
  • What are 12 platform companies’ strategies?
  • Technical and commercial analysis of 12 platform environments.
  • Analysis of a number of operators’ strategies.

In the 2nd Edition we do not only focus on the above mentioned elements, we have also chosen to go deeper into details in a number of areas we believe are very important looking at the VAS market from a platform & delivery perspective. In the 2nd Edition you can read about.

  • How we believe the portal market will develop, if the Operators only have 1 portal choosing the model, one size fits all, or if a number of portal strategies will be the reality in the future.
  • With the basis in a successful media company we describe the complexity it is to deliver services, and what is takes to succeed.
  • The report details the development in OS’s and their significance for the VAS market.
  • The development in the market for OTA solution, which challenges suppliers and VAS providers are facing.

This 400 page reports is unique and already sold to a number of operators, large service providers and the number of the largest technological companies in the mobile sector. If you would like to save time, money and minimise the chances of making errors and missing opportunities on this market, you should take a closer look at this report.

148 pages of the report have been used to analyse business models and platforms from:

  • Qualcomm
  • Microsoft
  • Handango
  • Action Engine
  • Ericsson
  • Nokia
  • Opera
  • Adobe/Macromedia
  • Surfkitchen
  • Openwave
  • Vodafone
  • NTT DoCoMo

All Platforms have been reviewed in this 2nd Edition

We have gone behind the scenes of these platforms and looked at their advantages and disadvantages and furthermore put forward suggestions on how each supplier can improve their services offerings.

Strand consult has always focused on spotting the latest trends, we were the first that described premium SMS and what business opportunities this would create for different players in the business. We were also the first company to discover that if you wanted a look at the future mobile services market, you should not look at Japan, but rather at Korea – our reports about the Korean mobile market are legendary today. Recently we were the first to write about the Discount MVNO’s market and how they will affect the mobile market – some were sceptical about this, others have listened and already used our knowledge to achieve success.

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