Research Notes

For 25 years Strand Consult has worked to create transparency in the telecommunications world. Over the years, we have published a great number of research notes, where we not only explain how the industry looks, but also how it will develop in the future. We have focused on collecting the knowledge you need to more easily navigate a complex industry with increasing competition.

We have spent many man years researching and publishing a series of comprehensive research notes, reports and workshops focused on these areas. Market players that have ambitions of being successful within these areas can either try to gain an overview themselves, find solutions and purchase external consultants to help them on their way, or alternatively use Strand Consult’s reports – with or without workshops to acquire the knowledge they need to be successful in the future.

Strand Consult’s job is to publish the facts and show how the right or wrong decisions may affect telecom operators´ business in the future

GPRS – Following in the tracks of WAP?

In 1869 the construction of the first transcontinental railroad was completed when the railroad from the East met with the railroad from the West at Promontory Summit – linking the...

WAP has been a huge success in Korea

– in stark contrast to Europe.What made the difference? While most European mobile operators preferably don’t even mention the word WAP any more, WAP has grown to be a huge...

Distribution of MMS enabled mobile phones

obstacles in connection with MMS still present a threat strong enough to create a new “WAPergate” While the mobile operators are crossing their fingers and hoping MMS will be an...