Executive workshops for Top Management and Board Members in the mobile industry

Through the years Strand Consult has held numerous strategic workshops about the mobile world and how it is developing for members or whole boards of directors from companies in the mobile industry. Many workshops are focused on specific subjects and have predefined goals that have been set together with the board of directors and that are reached during the workshop.
In our experience, many companies in the mobile industry often have a board of directors that come from many different business areas. Usually we find board members from within the mobile universe together with others that have specialised in various other types of business. Furthermore a board of directors will often be incomplete without one or more board members that represent certain financial interests.
In practice the composition of a board of directors will often mirror the owners of the company and which people they believe best represent the interests of the company’s shareholders within a number of areas.
We have no desire to question how shareholders choose their board of directors, but we have often experienced that when companies in the mobile industry start discussing strategic questions, the diverse composition of the board of directors can often result in important decisions either being passed on to committees that have a certain level of insight in that area, or being based on recommendations from selected experts or the company’s management.
Strand Consult offers a number of services that can help bridge the gap between the daily reality that a company’s top management is dealing with and the expectations of their board of directors, when they face the challenge of making crucial decisions that will influence the future of the company. Our Executive Workshop concept for top management and board members in the mobile industry can convey the correct knowledge and experience that makes it far easier to analyse a situation and make the correct decision. 
All our workshops are customised using a structured process designed by Strand Consult. This ensures that our workshops increase the level of knowledge of the workshop participants, thereby reaching the predefined workshop goals and making it easier to agree on crucial decisions that can ultimately decide the future of a company.
The biggest question that many directors and board of directors are currently asking themselves is how to navigate an already complex industry that is simply becoming increasingly complex? They could also be asking themselves whether they would like to continue to have what some call a supernatural profitability in the future, and if the answer is yes, what should they be doing in the short term?
How can Strand Consult help you optimise your business case?
We have spent the necessary time to analyse and understand this market and have had a close dialogue with many operators, investors and financial analysts around the world to compile knowledge, analyses and experiences from the global mobile market.
We know that knowledge is the road to success and the operator with the most knowledge and a structured approach to their strategy, will find it far easier to be successful on this market.
All workshops are based on the mobile markets that you do business on and your financial reality. The workshops examine how an individual operator can reinvent his strategy and take advantage of a number of new initiatives to improve the economy of an existing customer base.
We know that by using the correct strategy, our customers can both improve their market position and increase earnings – benefiting both the company and its shareholders.
Our workshop concept ensures that all our workshops are customised to each individual customer, thereby ensuring that our customers increase their level of knowledge and receive personal creative sparring that can be implemented immediately.

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