Digital Strategy for the Telecom and Media Industry

Through the years Strand Consult has held numerous strategic workshops about the digital world and how it is developing for mobile network operators, virtual operators, and other service providers. Our workshops are focused on specific subjects and have predefined goals that have been set together with the client and that are reached during the workshop.

In our experience, many companies lack solid evidence about how well they are doing in digital strategy versus their competitors.  This is not hard to explain considering that a company has a set of managers and directors with different skills, experience, and perspectives. This is particularly true in the digital sales and marketing departments where staff are comprised of a combination of mobile industry veterans with new employees coming from different fields and industries on account of their digital expertise. On top of that, the CEO and board members are typically fifty years old or more, and have limited knowledge about the emerging digital world, what it means for their business, and what they should do about it.

If the differences between stakeholders can be synthesized, they can make for successful synergies in the company. However many companies never bridge the knowledge gaps in their organization, and as a result, cannot develop or execute an effective strategy. Therefore it is important to have a constructive exchange, even debate, to bring the various stakeholders together so they can define and execute a strategy that will deliver value for shareholders.

Using an independent expert facilitator such as Strand Consult in a focused workshop allows a learning and alignment process so that the team can define and execute an effective digital strategy. We offers a number of services that can help bridge the gap between the daily reality of the company’s employees with the expectations of top management and the board of directors when they face the challenge of making crucial decisions in the digital realm that will influence the future of the company.

Through our workshops we provide knowledge transfer and training of a variety of topics in digital strategy including

• Digital megatrends
• Impact of over the top (OTT) players and platforms to the mobile telecom industry
• Digital sales, marketing and communications
• Social media
• Analytics & KPIs
• Business case and return on investment scenarios
With the business world becoming increasingly digital, Strand Consult has increased its investigation in digital strategy.  We have a close dialogue with many operators, investors and financial analysts around the world to compile the relevant knowledge, analyses and experiences. As a result we can create a workshop that is relevant for you and your business. Our workshops are based on the markets where you do business on and your financial reality. Most important, our workshop focus on the knowledge and activities that if implemented can deliver results for shareholders.
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