Strand Consult has an annual tradition at the end of December, where we take a look at what has been happening during past 12 months and then predict what we believe will happen during the next year.

There are many experts in the telecom industry that have tried their hand at predicting the future, but unlike many others, Strand Consult has no problem at all in being held responsible for what we said in the past would happen in the future. In fact, that is precisely what we have been doing every year for the past 23 years. To our knowledge, there is no one else in this industry that publishes their predictions for the coming year and at the same time gives their readers the opportunity to read our past predictions – predictions that now go 23 years back in time

On the other hand, giving people access to 21 years of predictions requires a combination of confidence, highly skilled employees and spending the necessary time and energy working on the predictions  – even if some of the predictions are about sensitive subjects that others try to avoid.

We invite you two see for yourself whether we were right over the years.