Net Neutrality

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Much is said and written about net neutrality, but the vast majority of claims are devoid of facts. Strand Consult is one of the few which has studied net neutrality empirically, and its research is tapped by regulators and operators around the world. Strand Consult houses a number of the world’s leading experts on net neutrality and is the leading provider of empirical analysis and international comparisons on this issue.

We has published numerous reports and research notes documenting that telecom operators are not a problem, but policymakers and the media persist in their stereotypes, and they support making rules that legitimize the ability of telecom regulators to surveille networks. Of the more than 50 countries which have adopted net neutrality rules, none offer any protections from governments which routinely block content.

Strand Consult published the first edition of a 450 page report in 2013 describing net neutrality from a variety of angles. Stakeholders from around the world, including operators, regulators, non-governmental, and journalists have taken advantaged of Strand Consult’s initial report Understanding Net Neutrality and Stakeholders’ Arguments. Strand Consult has also conducted workshops on the issue and speaks at conferences on this subject around the World. Following are a few of Strand consult’s Research Notes and reports on Net Neutrality.

The national broadcasting and media companies in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UK and other European countries should support their local internet providers in net neutrality discussion. They’re in the same boat as telecom companies and have the same challenges. Norway has the right idea with a soft approach to net neutrality

Strand Consult has followed the net neutrality debate for some years. Our report Understanding Net Neutrality and Stakeholders’ Arguments looks at how the debate plays out in different countries and…

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