Net Neutrality

Strand Consult maintains a knowledge center on net neutrality, open internet, and broadband regulatory rulemaking. Much is said and written about net neutrality, but most claims are devoid of facts. Strand Consult is one of the few which has studied net neutrality empirically, and its research is tapped by regulators and operators around the world. Strand Consult’s team includes leading international experts on policy, and they perform empirical analysis and international comparisons on this issue.

Strand Consult’s reports provide measurements, international comparison, analyses of stakeholders’ arguments, and importantly, transparency to transnational funding and global strategy of the policy effort. Its signature reports include Understanding Net Neutrality and Stakeholders’ Arguments, Follow the Money – Net Neutrality Activism Around the Globe, and an empirical review of the policy in the United Kindgom and Europe.

Strand Consult conducts workshops on the issue and speaks on this subject around the world. Check out Strand Consult’s library of research notes and reports.

CASE: BEREC tenders a net neutrality measurement tool before it completes its evaluation of the net neutrality implementation. This proves that BEREC’s “public consultations” are just formalities. BEREC collects consultation responses so it can solicit more support for its pre-determined outcomes.

Many policy decisions by the Net Neutrality Expert Working Group (NN-EWG) of Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) are made before all BEREC member nations meet and before…

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